Life's Performances
Students who do well in music lessons develop a number of character traits that distinguish them from those who have not mastered this discipline: they learn to arrive on time for lessons, to schedule time for practice, and to prepare for lessons, all of which are great practice for life.
As part of private lessons, the recital is an important ingredient in the program... Students who approach the piano confidently and play well reflect good teaching, and parents can see this reflected in the poise of a number of students.
These recitalists are young people who will one day have to make a speech or presentation to an audience. They can anticipate important job interviews, presenting unwelcome information to a boss, or asking an intimidating young lady for a date.
Life's little performances are all stressful to varying degrees, but having faced the challenge of recitals, these students will be better prepared to handle their lives responsibly. On the rare occasion when inevitable failure accompanies one of these efforts, the world won't come to an end.
--Jim Kunitz
(software publisher)

(Source: "Teaching Responsibility Through Recitals," Jim Kunitz, Clavier, March 1997).

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